Here at Atomic cookies some of our cloest held beliefs involve using only highest qualtiy organic ingredients and having all of are products not only delicous but potent as well as completely organic.

Made From Scratch

 Here at Atomic Cookies my mother and her staff work tirelessly
to create new and exciting original receipts. Using only the freshest ingredients.

Premium Product

 Here at Atomic Cookies we are continuously looking for new and more effective strains to improve on our products taste and potency for you our loyal patrons.

Atomic Cookies

These incredible chocolate chip cookies pack one heck of a punch. These cookies are award-winning tasty treats. They are packaged in a 20oz frozen vacuum-sealed pack, just thaw and bake, Or in one dozen vacuum-sealed, pre-baked frozen delicious little buzz bites 1.3oz each having 36 mg per cookie.

Banana buzz Bread

This is a perfect combination of flawless banana bread with plenty of kick. We’d pretty much eat this banana buzz bread all day, every day if we could. And when we went on a mission to discover the perfect combination, we developed this version. This can also be made Vegan. 447 mg per loaf, around 8 slices per loaf.

Blueberry kush Muffins

Blueberry Kush Muffins are one of our favorites for a good reason! Made with the perfect amount of infused oil and sugars and a lot of love, these Blueberry Muffins bake up beautifully to golden perfection. Serve them warm, fresh out of the tin, even better the next day and they’ll bring nothing but smiles laughter to your next gathering. These large beautiful muffins hold a wonderful 46 mg per muffin.



Perfect Homemade Weed Brownies… yes, I know the word “perfect” is quite presumptuous. Certainly, tastes and individual tolerance will vary from person to person…. so, it would be impossible for everyone to agree on what is “perfect”. I recently asked the question what makes a weed brownie perfect to you?” Although there was quite a range of descriptions (and I love how passionate you all are about brownies!), the vast majority included the word “fudgy” in your description. If you are one of those “fudgy” brownie lovers, these are for you! A really great high, they may have just enough to win you over. These delightful chocolate fudgy brownies have 57 mg each .

Buffalo Sauce

Prepare yourself for a zesty delicious high, a wonderful combination of herbs and spices along with an enjoyable dose of THC giving you a delightful blend of great taste and a wonderful high. 36 mg per jar


I bet you’re guessing you’re on the wrong website right now…right??😁 Infused Chili is not usually the typical fare that you see when thinking about infused edibles but, little known to most, lurking in the back of my recipe archives, are a couple savory high inducing chili recipes lurking around, just waiting for you to try, this also comes in vegetarian chili as well. These are canned and stay good on your shelf for up to thirteen months. It can be ordered in signal pint containers. 98 mg/pt.


What can you say about theses delicious little infused candy bites, with a wonderful watermelon flavor! These can come in several different flavors of your choice !! 38 mg per 1 oz pack, 227 mg per 1/2 lb, and 544 mg per lb.

Infused Sugar

This is a crowd faverite ,it gives you the chance to to ceate your own infused delights. Add this to your faverite berverage, make your own faverite cookie receipts. Taste like pure sugar these can come in larger sizes but sold in one onuce sealed plastic sealed poaches.

Mini Cheesecake

Delicious smooth creamy, that is the way they are best described these mini delightful buzz-worthy cheesecakes. I have one friend who orders forty of these wonderful little delights for his small get together, they are always a party favorite. The mini cheesecakes come in a variety of fruit-infused toppings. 23mg per mini pie.

Rice Krispies

Folding in more marijuana marshmallows while adding the cereal. In addition to the melty marijuana marshmallows in the first step, adding some in when you stir in the cereal creates amazing hunks of marijuana marshmallows all throughout each bar, making them even softer and chewier. The key to chewy marijuana crispy treats is lots of marijuana marshmallows. But, just enough marijuana marshmallows and correct storage , you’ll get the most perfect rice crispy treats that hold together and stay soft for days. 24 mg per square.

Spaghetti Sauce

Heres another opportunity to say "is this for real, Infused spaghetti sauce? Well, it's true and it is delicious. Like the chili, this can be made with a sausage and beef base or it can be made sickly vegetarian. These are canned and stay good on your shelf for up to thirteen months. It can be ordered in signal pint serving half a quart or quart containers. 94mg per pint.

Whole Cheesecake

This is a full-size cheesecake perfect for parties, as a birthday gift or just for the heck of it. The cake, topping , and the crust can all be infused your choice , just like the mini cheesecakes there are varieties of flavored toppings. 467 mg/cake.

Whole Oreo Cake